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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Jane & Ching-ching

Hello, this is Ajenai.

Jane is a friend of my moms and she has a two-year old son named Treasure. Jane is from Africa and she lives in a nice house across from a market. She lives near my street, up a huge flight of stone steps and to the left..

She is a nice woman and is very friendly. She goes to church on Sunday's and goes places with her son. She speaks English well and her son is a good boy for his age.

She makes food by hand like in Africa. She makes the dough then cooks it and sometimes she makes treats. She is a very nice woman.

At Jane's house I played with her son. We played with his toy instruments and he rode around in his toy car. We watched a little TV and then I read him a story. He put in his Barney DVD and he watched that. When it was over I helped Jane make an African treat called Ching-ching.

I helped cut the dough into little squares while Jane made more dough slices for me to cut. When the dough was in little squares, Jane put them in a pot of oil and fried them. I took another chunk of dough from the big piece of dough and flattened it out.

I folded it over and layed it out. Then I cut int into small slices and gave them to Jane to cut into little cubes. We made three batches and put the fried cubes into a bowl. We ate them hot. Jane made more batches of the Ching-ching treat while I played with Treasure again. At eight, Treasures dad came home and I left.

Ching-ching Recipe
Here is a recipe for an African treat called ching-ching. I learned how to make it at Jane's house. You can make it too!

You Need:

1. mix with hands
2. take out a chunk
3. roll out flat
4. cut into strips (toss out edges)
5. cut strips into small cubes
6. fry in oil till brown
7. enjoy!


kaytea said...

Nice blog. My father is Nigerian and we have a snack that is similar, but it's called chin-chin. Which country is your friend from?

Christoph Jenkins said...

Nice Blog! Looks great!

Oma said...

My mom hasn't made Chin-Chin since I was little. Thanks for the recipe, now I can surprise her with a treat one day and she'll be glade/shock to see that her American child has some Nigerian skills. lol. Thanks again