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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Ne-Yo in Seoul

Greetings from Seoul!
Sunday I went to the Ne Yo concert. The name sounded familiar and I thought it would be fun, but, I could not name a Ne Yo song if held at gun point. Once there though I recognized 2 songs.
So, we wanted to party like we used to in our 20's (cause most of the folks who went with me ARE in their 20's!) so we got tickets for the floor. You can imagine the chaos. We were right at the stage, with bodies about 9 deep between me and 16 year old Ne Yo (that's about how old he looked!).

Now, you know Koreans have no sense of personal space on a normal basis, so trust me when I say I could barely breathe on the floor. I just kept the attitude that this was all in the spirit of fun.

So when the chick next to me kept bumping me in the face with her armpit, I thought, spirit of fun. When the 200lb. Korean boy behind me stepped on my foot more times than I could count, I thought, spirit of fun. When the army dude behind me screamed out Ne Yo's name as if he was being murdered, directly in my right ear, I thought, spirit of fun. When the blond girl behind me spilled her Chilsing Cider (sprite) down my back, I thought, spirit of fun. When the tall white dude behind me hit me in the head when he tried to throw his baseball hat on stage, I thought, spirit of fun. When the brunette on my right banged her elbow into my back, looked at me and said, let's push our way to the front! I said, HELL NO! GET YOUR HANDS OFF ME!!! Hey, spirit of fun only goes so far. :)

But it was fun. The funniest thing was being surround by all these Koreans who knew every word of every song Ne Yo sang. And they were not shy about yelling them out, either. Whether they had a good voice or not. Most, not. Sean Kingston opened for him. He was alright I guess, but we could have went to a club with a DJ and had the same experience.

Afterwards, we played the groupie thing. Hanging around the stage waiting for someone from the band to show up. Finally, the DJ came back on stage and my girl Kisha handed him her business card and said she was a friend of a friend and for Ne Yo to call her. I won't hold my breath. But, at least he took it!

Now, of course I could have gone to a Ne Yo concert in the US, but really, who would be on the floor with me? Exactly, so I count this as a Korea only experience!

It's interesting hanging out with a bunch of intercontinental late 20 year olds. They have a different concept of time and priorities. I vaguely remember thinking that way!

Until Next Time!

Ayanna & Ajenai

PS: My sister took my USB cord, so as soon as I get another one I'll add pictures!

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